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Due to the nature of digital data, we do not refund digital goods purchases.

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The Business Edit Portal Access:

You will have access to The Business Edit portal for 12 months. You'll be able to download all PDFs, and audios to save to your computer, but your access to the portal itself will be revoked after 12 months. This is to encourage your participation to do the work which will in turn allow you to experience The Business Edit in its highest integrity.

The Business Edit

A Manifestation Program for your life and business.

Clear the clutter, clean up and create clarity to transform your business and life by working through The Business Edit.

A step-by-step spacious program brought to you by Karen Vivarelli to audit, edit and up-level your business and life simultaneously. 

You will unlock one lesson each week and have space to do the implementation.

The Business Edit includes:

  •  A welcome message from Karen
  • A checklist
  • A visualisation
  • A playlist
  • Quotes to support you
  • Practical lessons
  • Energetic lessons
  • Bonus exercises + rituals
  • Affirmations
  • Reflection prompts
  • A certificate of completion to celebrate the time, energy and accomplishment of completing The Business Edit!

The Business Edit practical lessons:

  • Module 1: Clear the clutter 
  • Module 2: Inbox zero 
  • Module 3: Focused phone
  • Module 4: Expense elimination
  • Module 5: Your circle of influence
  • Module 6: Tech stack
  • Module 7: Digital desktop
  • Module 8: Sort your socials
  • Module 9: Streamlined SOPs
  • Module 10: Secrets to your success list

*You will have 12 months access to the program so that you can drop in and stay organised. While the content will be accessible at any time, my support and coaching in the 10 weeks will not be. The intention behind this is to get you to do the work so you can see the results. I find that when we have a lifetime to do something, we lose the excitement of why we signed up to it in the first place and then never do it.