Learn a Skill a Day and Become An Amazing VA (Skills A-Z - 26 Day Training)


Over 26 days (or you can binge these all at once) I'll be teaching you valuable skills that all VAs should know to be able to support their clients in online business.

For each skill you learn you can then add it to your services suite that you offer to clients and get paid for it!

Get instant access to all of the trainings inside the portal. 

What you'll get:

  • A-Z skills that you can offer to clients and get paid for them 
  • confidence to work as a virtual assistant (even if you're new and just starting out)
  • an idea of what it takes to become an amazing VA
  • learn the skills that clients want to hire you for
  • upskill quickly and easily 
  • the opportunity to learn from me, Karen, who started as a VA 6 years ago and is now an Online Business Manager & Coach. My speciality is coaching & mentoring VAs because this is how I started (and it was the best thing I ever did)!
  • Lifetime access to all content in the Kajabi portal.

Skills & Apps you'll learn:

  1. Asana
  2. Branding Basics
  3. Content Creation in Canva
  4. Do The Thing, Discipline, Determination, Decision Making, Detail Oriented & Dubsado
  5. Emails
  6. Facebook for Business
  7. Google Workspace
  8. How to Help your Clients & HelloSign
  9. Instagram for Business
  10. Juggling Clients & Projects, Jotting and Journalling
  11. Kajabi
  12. Loom
  13. Milkshake
  14. Notion
  15. Onboarding
  16. Processes
  17. Questions & Quotes
  18. Retainers & Recurring Revenue
  19. Slack
  20. Time Zone Converter
  21. Unsplash
  22. Voxer
  23. Wave
  24. Xero
  25. YouTube
  26. Zapier

This is for you if:

  • you're curious about working as a virtual assistant
  • you want to learn the skills first before becoming a VA
  • you're ready for a new career but not sure what that is yet
  • you want the freedom and flexibility to work online from home
  • you're already working as a virtual assistant but want to learn new skills
  • you lack the confidence to find clients with your current skillset
  • you're anywhere in the world wanting to do work that you love AND open up to opportunities to work with clients all over the world
  • you want to go from good to freakin AMAZING!


My mission is simple yet powerful: I'm here to empower women with the knowledge and skills to build a business that they love that gives them to freedom and flexibility to work from home.


Got a question? Email me and the team at [email protected]

See you inside!

Karen x

$33 (full price $333)